You voiced concerns. We listened. Easy peel tab is here!

You voiced concerns. We listened. Easy peel tab is here!

Published by Karen Gendron on 9th Oct 2018

Stickernut now has an easy peel tab! 

easy peel tab

The one and only complaint about our stickers was the difficulty in peeling the vinyl from the backing. We no longer have that complaint!

Why are were your stickers difficult to peel?

As discussed in this blog, our vinyl is very thin. Unless one has handled the vinyl for years like we have, it can be difficult to relearn how to peel a sticker. (Who would have thought peeling a sticker would be rocket science?) Peeling a thin vinyl sticker is much different than peeling paper or thick vinyl, so it can be a process (maybe not quite rocket science!).

What is a split backing?

Split backing is when the backing material is cut to flay open, making it easier to peel the backing from the stickers.

Unfortunately, the way our stickers are printed and cut, we just can’t do split backing. We tried finding a machine that would do it to our standards, as it certainly wasn’t feasible to cut each and every sticker by hand! There wasn't one.

The Cutting Edge

We previously offered a 1/4" edge around the sticker for peel ability. If preferred, we can still offer this option. We will continue to do this for small stickers that have very fine/detailed cut lines. This is due to a kiss cut being a better option over perf cuts for fine detail. We can still add the easy peel tab to the edge as well to add even easier peel ability.

What if I don't want the tab on my sticker?

If you do not want the tab added, we can remove it. There is certainly a nice look to a clean cut sticker.

we listen

You voiced your concerns. We listened. 

Do you have dexterity issues? No fingernails?

Do you require less frustration in your life? More simplicity?

Look for our easy peel tabs!

We love to fix problems. It’s part of what we do. We’re happy to have fixed this one! It's important to let us know if there is something that you would like improved. Please let us know and we will work on a solution!