Why are we giving away FREE stickers? Support firefighters.

Why are we giving away FREE stickers? Support firefighters.

Published by Karen Gendron on 17th Aug 2018

Prior to moving to British Columbia where we currently reside, we lived in a small town in Alberta. Richard was a volunteer firefighter in that small town. It was the beginning of something special.

He made lifelong friends as a volunteer firefighter. Friends that were literally willing to give up their lives for each other, as well as the general public. It’s a bond that is never matched, and never broken.

British Columbia is our home. There are currently over 400 wildfires active at present (

Air quality is an issue not only in BC, but in neighbouring provinces and states.

British Columbia is in a provincial state of emergency.

These are just some of the reasons that we are trying to contribute in what way we can. By offering free stickers, we are hoping to bring awareness to the cause. Please pass the word on that donations are needed, and please see the links below to donate what you can.

Canadian Red Cross:


Food Banks BC:

The Salvation Army:

United Way:

BC Liquor Stores: